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Georgia, why skin?

I’ve been where you are — battling problematic skin, feeling overwhelmed, and wanting to give up.

My attraction to skin started with my own struggles along with many of my clients feeling the same. Seeing and understanding how it feels to “hate your skin”. This is absolutely horrible. I’m on the other side of this, but gosh it wasn’t easy. I don’t want anyone to feel the way I did. I want to offer support and advice or even a shoulder to cry on. I don’t want anyone to feel alone on their journey.

Skin is challenging

I believe skin and skin health should be approached holistically as skin is influenced so heavily by many varying factors. I’ve battled many skin troubles myself. For example – acne, eczema, and sensitivity.
At times being very overwhelmed and wanting to give up. I like to take the time to reflect holistically as I know firsthand how much hormones, stress, lifestyle, diet, and gut health influence our skin health.

Miles’ very own Skin clinic. Why not bring skin love to rural women?

Creating the perfect beauty escape locally. Who wants to travel if they don’t have to? This is the reason for GK Skin Clinic – Bringing city standards to the Western Down.

Let’s love the skin your in.


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